Kingsmill Community

Kingsmill would not be complete without its volunteers and the community cannot thank the volunteers enough for all the hard work and dedication they put into making Kingsmill one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in!  Running a successful homeowners association requires teamwork. That means every role within the community, from the Board of Directors and property manager to the homeowners and vendors, are working together.  There are many tasks that must be managed, and having a strong team of volunteers serving on committees keep things working more efficiently.  We hope you’ll want to join your Kingsmill neighbors to volunteer, meet new friends, and contribute to forming our community.  
Volunteering comes in several forms - volunteering on events, projects, committees or Boards - with each being a larger time commitment.  It can be as little as giving a couple of hours for a "one and done" project or as much as 20-40 hours per week to serve on the KCSA Board.  Regardless of how you choose to volunteer, you will find volunteering on KCSA activities an enjoyable and fulfilling thing to do!
Interested?  Consider completing a Statement of Interest application to become a part of the KCSA team!

The Kingsmill Community Services Association (KCSA) holds 4 out of 9 seats on our Board of Directors team.  Each Board member is an elected volunteer that advocates for owners in all aspects of property ownership here. The committee gives a voice to owners and makes the tough decisions that make Kingsmill the special and unique place we all call home. In addition to the Board responsibilities of overseeing the KCSA Community, each member works 20-40 hours a week on other Kingsmill-related projects.
We recognize that our Kingsmill neighbors have a lot of talent and can add value to our standing committees. We are always looking for new talent and a variety of skills to enhance our groups.  If you have time and would like to volunteer, please look into the many groups we have to choose from.    
  • Budget & Finance Committee
    • Advises the KCSA BOD on matters pertaining to the financial interest and well-being of KCSA including budgets, minutes and reports
  • Buildings & Grounds Committee
    • Advises the KCSA BOD on matters relating to planning, maintenance, and appearance of the KCSA common areas and limited common areas to include buildings, recreational facilities, signs, landscaping, grounds and other areas as assigned by the KCSA BOD
  • Candidate Search Subcommittee
    • Seeks out qualified candidates for vacancies on the KCSA BOD and report directly to the Elections Committee
  • Communications Committee
    • Provides the most effective communication between members of the community, KCSA staff and the BOD using multiple media types
  • Elections Committee
    • Provides supervision and oversight of the nominations and election process for the KCSA BOD in accordance with the policy and procedures adopted by the KCSA BOD including oversight of he Candidate Search Subcommittee
  • Environmental Preservation Board (EPB)
    • Regulates the external design, appearance, use, location and maintenance of the properties within Kingsmill
  • Good Neighbor Committee
    • Advises the KCSA BOD on programs, resources and events available to the Kingsmill community promoting the well-being of our diverse population
  • Lifestyle Committee
    • Advises the KCSA BOD on planning, organizing and hosting special events, activities and programming to provide and enhance the quality of life in Kingsmill
  • Public Safety Committee
    • Advises the KCSA Staff and BOD on matters that affect the security of Kingsmill residents, guests, and their property
  • Public Works Committee
    • Advises the KCSA BOD on planning, maintenance of the KCSA common areas and limited common areas to include roads, streetlights, drainage structures, Kingsmill Pond and Dam, Best Management Practices (BMP's), Storm Water Management Plans and other areas as assigned by the KCSA BOD
  • Strategic Planning Committee
    • Provides the KCSA BOD for their approval, a comprehensive long-range plan that will be consistent with KCSA's vision and will provide guidance to the Board and it's subcommittees and other areas as assigned by the KCSA BOD
  • Technology Committee
    • Provides the KCSA BOD and KCSA Staff with advice and recommendations through a purposeful review and evaluation of all aspects of community technology to enhance communication and safety and to foster a first-rate technological initiative within the Kingsmill Community
Each parcel within Kingsmill is governed by a group of volunteer residents elected to serve on the PAC.  The PAC serves as an advisor to the KCSA BOD on such matters as maintenance, painting cycles, and landscaping.  You must be an owner or resident of a parcel to serve on your PAC.  Complete a statement of interest for your respective PAC located under the "Parcels" tab.
The Lifestyle committee hosts many neighborhood events which provide several volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Some of our most popular volunteer opportunities include the St. Patrick's Happy Hour, Summer Kickoff Picnic, 4th of July parade/field games and the Fall Fest.  We are always seeking people to help with set-up, ID Check, craft tables, food and drink service and much more. 
Volunteering is a great way to meet people in the neighborhood, while at the same time, having fun and lending a hand!

2022 Standing Committee
Volunteer of the Year
Shirley Viersheller
2022 Parcel Volunteer of the Year
Manfred Karlish
Volunteer Appreciation Banquet
Being festive at St. Patrick's Happy Hour
Handing out tickets at the Summer Kick-Off Picnic
Judging the 4th of July Parade
Manning tables at Kids Fishing Derby
Doing whatever needs done at the Fall Fest
Representing committee at Newcomer's Social