Kingsmill Community
According to the KCSA Articles of Incorporation, Article VI, the KCSA Board of Directors is currently composed of five directors appointed annually by the "Developer" and four directors elected by the Owners and Occupants of Lots within Kingsmill (each Owner has one vote per vacancy, and each Occupant has one vote per vacancy, so Owner/Occupants have two votes per vacancy).  The elected directors are elected for a two-year term on a staggered basis -- so, currently, two directors are elected each year at the Annual Meeting that takes place on the second Monday in September.

According to the KCSA Bylaws, Article IX, Officers - the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are selected by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at the first Board meeting following the Annual Meeting and Election.  Only the President is required to be a member of the Board of Directors.
John Hudson, President - Resident Director (Elected)
(347) 385-5140
Michael Pierce, Vice-President - Escalante Director (Appointed)
(757) 253-1703
Ronald Lynde, Treasurer - Resident Director (Elected)
(757) 329-3945
Ed Connors, Resident Director (Elected)
(757) 345-5994
Brandyn Baty, Resident Director (Elected)
(415) 518-1165
Angela Freeman, Escalante Director (Appointed)
(757) 603-1665
Jonathon Haack, Escalante Director (Appointed)
(757) 561-2722
Anicio Holmes-Brown, Escalante Director (Appointed)
(757) 253-8211
Monika Rienth, Secretary-Escalante Director (Appointed)
(757) 253-8232