Kingsmill Community
Kingsmill was designed with the beauty of the environment in mind. The goal was to create a park-like space in which residents could live, surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility. Approximately 40 percent of the area is green space, the majority of which is easily accessible. There are almost 10 miles of established paved trails, shared for walking and biking. Unpaved trails, accessible only by foot, take you through woods, over ravines, and beside streams, constantly keeping you in touch with the sights and sounds of nature!
Bicyclists are encouraged to stay on paved routes. Those who venture to pathways off main routes are encouraged to be cautious! These routes are comprised of natural ground, gravel and rocks, and may be steep and uneven. These paths are subject to weather and natural conditions that may make them difficult to maneuver. Please enjoy the natural surroundings while being safe!  
KCSA Off Trail Proposal
Shoreline Trail Rules and Regulations
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Map created and updated by Kingsmill Resident Bryce McHose.