Kingsmill Community


The name Littletown Quarter is described in a very interesting booklet, "Who's Who," by Bill Brown, which traced the street and subdivision names in Kingsmill:

"By 1648, the 350 acres of land originally owned by William Claiborne and John Commandres and variously called Cosbie's, Mount's Bay or Quarterland had been acquired by Richard Richards and renamed Littleton or Littletown. Around 1650 Littletown and John Wareham's Hampton Key Plantation (George Sandy's former Utopia) were acquired by Colonel Thomas Pettus. His holdings totalled some 1250 acres, ranging from the 15th and 16th fairways on the River Course to the Eastern end of Kingsmill. Pettus was from Norwich, England and built his home on the bluffs overlooking our marina. The home was substantial for its day, containing six rooms, several outbuildings, and a well, the locations of which are outlined on the site. Pettus was appointed by the crown to the powerful Governor's Council, where he served from 1641-1660, a Vestryman of Bruton Parish, and a Colonel in the Militia. Hes died in 1669 and his property passed through his son's wife to her second husband, James Bray in 1691. The Bray family retained ownership until Littletown was sold to Colonel William Allen and merged into his large Kingsmill Plantation in 1796."

Littletown Quarter Parcel is nestled along the 7th and 8th fairways of the River Course just east of Kingsmill Road. Littletown Quarter is home to 100 full and part-time families who enjoy the dells, hills and spectacular views of the golf course and Wareham's Pond. It was the second multi-family parcel to be built in Kingsmill; construction was in five phases from 1975 until 1984. Designed by well-known St. Louis architects, Peckham and Guyton, many townhouses have additions, some designed by local architects such as the renowned Carlton Abbott.

Today Littletown Quarter is a charming, diverse community with almost as many opinions as residents--a rich mixture that engenders debate, consensus and progress. We face the same "aging community" challenges as other parcels such as keeping garages and fences in good repair and landscaping and drainage issues under control.  These matters are handled aggressively while staying within the budget.


Littletown Quarter is governed by a group of volunteer residents elected to the Littletown Quarter's PAC.  The PAC serves as an advisor to the Kingsmill Community Services Association's (KCSA) Board of Directors on such matters as maintenance, painting cycles and landscaping.  Below are the names of your current PAC and their areas of responsibility.


If you are interested in serving on your PAC, please submit a Statement of Interest form (located in the right hand column.)

 Parcel Chair Kathy Pattison 273
(757) 880-4863
 Vice-Chair Sue Coffman 406
(757) 810-2327
Budget Russ Vanella 278
(609) 774-4808
 Secretary Rebecca Gaffney 298
 Maintenance Chair Roger Segeleon 286
(412) 398-3171
 Maintenance Judy Salken 262
(757) 220-1717
Maintenance Thomas Park 276
(239) 628-8121
 Landscape Co-Chair Carmie Hayes 272
(757) 784-4329
 Landscape  Janet Price 260
(301) 467-2740
Landscape Annette VanGeertruyden 414
(813) 785-6705
New Neighbor Welcoming Joanna McCandlish 296
Social and Newsletter Claudia Segeleon 286
(412) 527-9457



All Littletown Quarter's owner and residents are encouraged to attend monthly PAC meetings.  The floor is open for all to address the PAC on issues of concern, following the usual committee reports.  Attending these meetings is the best opportunity to discuss issues over which you are concerned.

PAC Thurs., Jan 30 6:30 p.m. MBRC Room A
Semi-Annual * Thurs., May 30 6:30 p.m. WPRC
PAC Thurs., July 18 6:30 p.m. MBRC Room A
Annual Thurs, Oct 24 6:30 p.m. WPRC
Holiday Party Wed., Dec 18 6:30 p.m. MBRC



  • Weekly trash pick-up is made on Tuesday.
  • Bulk pick-up is every other Thursday at curbside . (See KCSA calendar for dates)


  • Every other Friday at 7 a.m. curbside. (See KCSA calendar for dates)


The Littletown Quarter pool opens in May and closes in September. The pool hours are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. Pool rules are posted in the pool area. The pool is maintained through the Littletown Quarter budget and is for the sole use of residents and guests.


Exterior painting of 20-25 housing units and garages is done by the parcel on a six-year cycle.  Letters are sent to owners of units scheduled to be painted, reminding them of needed repairs and anticipated time painting will begin.  For the period between staining cycles, the homeowner is responsible for repainting any chipping or peeling areas.