Kingsmill Community
In preparation for its 50-year anniversary in 2023, Kingsmill Community Services Association (KCSA) has undertaken a major master planning project.  The original vision held by Busch Properties Inc. was for Kingsmill to be a premier gated residential and resort community, preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of the area.  This vision has made Kingsmill a very special place, with a diverse population of residents.
KCSA Master Plan Recommendations by Timmons Group 
KCSA Master Plan Final Presentation by Timmons Group 
Kingsmill Community Virtual Open House Meeting #1 - 10/15/2020
Open House #1 explores the findings of the branding identity of Kingsmill and provides a brief overview of the Kingsmill community survey results.
After the completion of two phases of research, the Brand Federation analyzed the findings and compiled a report to include topline research and suggestions on refreshing the Kingsmill Brand. These recommendations build a brand platform that includes brand implications, brand experience, and key brand themes. This brand platform provides the framework for how the Kingsmill brand story can be told and expressed. It also acts as guiding principles for the future design of the community as it relates to landscaping, architecture, signage, and more. Although the brand platform plays as essential role in messaging, it does not act as a full marketing or advertising plan.
Kingsmill Community Virtual Open House Meeting #2 - 10/21/2020
Open House #2 explores a variety of elements as the project team begins to propose concept materials and design palettes for landscape, signage, lighting, and arrival gate houses. In addition, the project team will begin to explore long range plan options for the development of amenities and uses on undeveloped KCSA property, existing/proposed trails, and the loop trail/paved pathway.
Kingsmill Community Virtual Open House Meeting #3 - 10/27/2020
Open House #3 explores options for the development of amenities and uses at Mounts Bay Recreation Center, Southall Recreation Center, and Wareham’s Pond Recreation Center. In addition, the project team looks at options for the Carters Grove Country Road overpass at the community entrance.