Kingsmill Community

The Kingsmill Police Department is a full-service, Virginia DCJS-certified, private police department located in Williamsburg, Virginia.  The Department provides 24 hours a day / 7 days a week law enforcement services to the private residential community of Kingsmill on the James and the Kingsmill Resort.  Kingsmill police officers are Virginia State-Certified Law Enforcement Officers and are responsible for responding to various calls for service and enforcing federal, state and local laws.  KMPD and its officers provide numerous police and community services throughout the year and are entrusted with keeping all residents, guests, and associates safe, supporting Kingsmill’s vision as a superior place to live, work or visit.      
The History of Kingsmill Police Department
On October 3, 1973, the Kingsmill Community Services Board (KCSA) was chartered, officially establishing Kingsmill on the James as a residential community. At that time, there was a Security Force of Rangers in place, which patrolled the largely undeveloped area and performed armed security duties.

As time passed and the population of Kingsmill grew, safety concerns arose due to the number of serious incidents requiring a law enforcement presence and the limited staffing of the local Sheriff’s Department. To deal with the situation, the KCSA petitioned the Circuit Court of James City County for the Department to expand its capability and enforce the Virginia and James City County Codes on private property. The Department’s status changed from Security Officers to Armed Conservators of the Peace and the Security Force became the Kingsmill Special Police and eventually, the Kingsmill Police Department.

Over the years, the Department has changed and grown along with the community in both appearance and technical knowledge, but its mission remains the same: Provide the highest quality of police services to the people who live, work and visit Kingsmill.

Office Location:
309 McLaws Circle, Ste D, Williamsburg, VA 23185
Contact Numbers:
Main - (757) 603-6000
Rt. 199 Gate - (757) 345-2902
Rt. 60 Gate - (757) 345-3371
Send questions to:
Chief James West
(757) 603-6000
Debbie Edwards, Administrative Assistant
(757) 603-6006
Jeff Barnes, Sergeant
Mark Beavers, Sergeant  
Robert Glover, Sergeant
KMPD Exclusive Forms
Submit completed forms to:
  • House Check
November 2022 Stats for KMPD
  • Speed Trailer: 18 days / 420 hours
  • Verbal Warnings: 22
  • Written Warnings: 4
  • Summons: 6

With the holiday season approaching, people everywhere are making their holiday plans and preparations. For some, however, the holidays can be a difficult time to navigate, especially for those who suffer from depression or other forms of mental illness. KMPD recognizes the importance of mental health and well-being and we would like to pass along some information on a great new resource: The updated 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline for the greater Williamsburg area. The new number, 988, can be either called or texted and is designed for people in crisis. The simplified number is also easier to remember for those who need to utilize it.
The 988 Lifeline utilizes two hundred Independent crisis centers across the United States that have trained counselors and licensed mental health practitioners who can provide help with a variety of mental health challenges. There is also a website available,, for individuals that want to utilize the webchat feature. It is important to note that if an individual wants to utilize this free service by landline, they should call (757) 656-7755.