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The name Archer's Mead is described in a very interesting booklet, "Who's Who", by Bill Brown, which traced the street and subdivision names in Kingsmill: "From the earliest days of the Virginia Colony, the land on the north bank of the James River between Kingsmill and Jamestown was called Archer's Hope in honor of Gabriel Archer, a lawyer and one of seven original members of the Council of the Virginia Colony. He landed at Jamestown on May 13, 1607, served as Secretary of the Colony, and joined the first expedition which explored the James as far west as Richmond. Archer died at Jamestown in 1610. A "mead" is an old English term for "meadow."

While Archer's Mead's current history dates back 30 years, when phase one of five was developed, its roots extend back to May 13, 1607 when Gabriel Archer, a lawyer and the secretary of the Virginia Colony, landed at Jamestown. In honor of this position as one of the original seven members of the Virginia Company, the land north of the James River between Kingsmill and Jamestown was called Archer's Hope and subsequently became Archer's Mead, an English reference for meadow.

in fact, Archer's Mead is a picturesque meadow of approximately 30 acres, filled with graceful trees, gardens, and rolling ravines. A community of 112 units nestled among winding paths, Archer's Mead's active and diverse community-oriented events make it an appealing place to be.

A focal point of this community is a private pool and adjacent park area. In season, the pool is the source of activities such as water aerobics classes, pool side movies, holiday parties, and regular functions where neighbors bring beverages and snacks to share and catch up on the latest happenings. The park also serves as the community's picnic area where grills and thematically decorated tables serve to host spring and summer outings. There are annual picnics picnics on Memorial Day, Labor Day, and July Fourth, as well as the annual costumed Halloween party. The community also participates in Kingsmill's Fourth of July Parade and has been awarded first place several times for its sense of spirit and number of residents participating in our varied floats.

The spirit of the neighborhood is reflected in the care residents take in maintaining the natural beauty of the grounds. As a supplement to its landscaping contract, individuals have undertaken projects to add color and diversity of green spaces throughout the streets. Two of the notable achievements have been a redesign of the middle entrance into the community and a specially created flower bed created for the 400th celebration of Jamestown and for which Archer's Mead received an award from the Historic Triangle Jamestown 2007 committee for its thematic red, white, and blue plantings and creativity.

Beyond the social aspects of living in Archer's Mead, there is also a concentrated effort keeping residents informed of upcoming events. The community has a nine-person Parcel Advisory Committee that interfaces with Kingsmill Community Services Association and manages contracts and budgetary issues affecting smooth operation of the neighborhood. The committee meets monthly and invites the residents to participate by voicing areas of concern and interest. Additionally, Archer's Mead keeps its residents up to date on recent and upcoming events with its monthly online bulletin, "Monday Morning Musings."

The combined energies of the residents and varied initiatives decidedly merge to help define the Archer's Mead sense of community spirit, fun and productivity that makes it a desirable place to live.


Archer's Mead is governed by a group of volunteer residents elected to the Archer's Mead PAC. The PAC serves as an advisor to the Kingsmill Community Services Association's (KCSA) Board of Directors on such matters as maintenance, painting cycles, and landscaping. Below are the names of the current PAC and their areas of responsibility. 


If you are interested in serving on your PAC, please submit a Statement of Interest form (located in the right hand column.)          

 Parcel Chair/Painting Doug Bevelacqua 246
 (757) 647-1555
 Vice-Chair/Communications John Shulson 239
 (757) 344-0788
 Budget  John DuFour 258
 (301) 928-8003
 Pool Fred Bonis 236
(973) 650-5125
 Secretary Cheryl Swanson 218
(415) 816-8823
Garage/Termite/Co-Painting Mark Kasunich 305
(412) 736-8245
 Landscape (200s)  Nancy Knewstep 247
 (757) 971-7794
Trees/Landscape (300s) Cindy Rudy 329
(757) 814-6160
 Curbing/Sidewalks/Lighting Robert Laber 225
 (757) 378-2450
 Maintenance/TBD VACANT  
 Social Rosalie Green 223
(804) 402-8555



All Archer's Mead owners and residents are encouraged to attend monthly PAC meetings. The floor is open for all to address the PAC on issues of concern, following the usual committee reports. Attending these meetings is your best opportunity to discuss issues over which you are concerned.  

PAC Tues, Jan 9 4:00 p.m. WPRC
PAC Tues, March 12
7:00 p.m.
Semi-Annual Tues, May 7 7:00 p.m. WPRC Community Room
PAC Tues, July 9 7:00 p.m. WPRC
PAC Tues, Sept 10 7:00 p.m. WPRC
Annual Tues, Oct 9 7:00 p.m. WPRC Community Room
PAC Tues, Nov 12 4:00 p.m. WPRC
Holiday Party Thurs, Dec 10 6:00 p.m. WPRC Community Room



  • Weekly trash pick-up is on Tuesday.
  • Bulk pick-up is every other Thursday at curbside. (See KCSA calendar and INSIDE KINGSMILL magazine for dates)


  • Every other Friday at 7 a.m. curbside. (See KCSA calendar and INSIDE KINGSMILL magazine for dates)


The Archer's Mead pool opens the end of May and closes in early September.  Pool rules are posted in the pool area. The pool is maintained through the Archer's Mead budget and is for the sole use of residents and guests.


Exterior painting of 20-25 housing units and garages is done by the Parcel on a six-year cycle. Letters are sent to owners of units scheduled to be painted reminding them of needed repairs and anticipated time painting will begin.

  • 2024 - 25 Units - #301-307, 333-350
For the period between painting cycles, the homeowner is responsible for repainting any chipping or peeling areas.  The approved colors and formulas are available on the link in the right-hand column.


"Beginning in April 2024 the paint cycle for Units 301-307 & 333-350, 25 Units, will commence.  Click the link below for the latest information about the exterior repairs that need to be completed prior to the start of the 2024 project."
For questions, contact:
Mark Kasunich, Painting Coordinator
(412) 736-8245 or