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Message from the KCSA Board President
Posted on Mar 26th, 2024 Comments (0)
President’s Update on Kingsmill Happenings
The State of Kingsmill - March 2024
In the spirit of President Biden’s recent State of the Union address, I’m pleased to
provide you with the State of Kingsmill. I’m proud to report that our community is thriving
in many aspects.

Financially, our Association is in excellent shape. Our reserve accounts are robust,
ensuring that we are well prepared for major replacements and the implementation of
new capital amenities.

Organizationally, both the KCSA staff and KMPD officers continue to demonstrate
exceptional dedication to serving the Kingsmill residents. Recent customer service
training for KCSA staff and ongoing in-service training for KMPD officers reflect our
commitment to excellence and professionalism.
Furthermore, the strength of our community lies in our residents. We are fortunate to
have a community filled with supportive and decent individuals. Despite the complexity
of our volunteer organization structure, akin to a Rube Goldberg machine,
communication and collaboration among all stakeholders ensure effective operations.
Our Association’s primary focus remains to deliver essential services to residents such
as :
  • Keep you and your family safe and secure.
  • Maintain a beautiful and serene environment.
  • Provide diverse and entertaining Lifestyle events for all ages.
  • Preserve or enhance property values.
If we fall short of these standards, please tell us. We have introduced a new KCSA
Customer Service Survey on our website. Scroll across the top green banner to
Contact Us and see the first entry on the dropdown list.

Looking back, we weathered the COVID pandemic doom and gloom for two years. Then
we spent 18 months stressing about the Escalante development. As we emerge from
this period of uncertainty, let us shift our focus toward collective progress and mutual
support within our community. Just as our thousands of daffodils emerge this Spring to
symbolize new beginnings and hope, this should be the year of positive attitudes in

As we look ahead, we need to reactivate the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) to
reengage the community in developing plans for future capital amenities. Real estate
professionals will tell you that HOAs need to develop new capital amenities to increase
property values and attract new homebuyers.

The previous SPC was hard at work reviewing the Master Plan (March 2021) when
Escalante announced development plans over 18 months ago. The committee pivoted
and focused on the community response to the development. We helped Escalante hold
their open houses a year ago. We also held 19 community meetings with over 220
residents and drafted a response for Escalante that recommended changes to their
conceptual development plans. The committee then went dormant while waiting for
more feedback from Escalante.

Other Kingsmill updates include the following highlights:
Electronic voting. This is a long overdue modernization effort for our 50-year-old
community. Please ensure KCSA has your preferred email address, which is how you
will be contacted to vote. Call the office (757-645-3454), or email with any updated email address. We will still be
mailing paper ballots as an option. No one will be left behind!

New MBRC Playground. Brandyn Baty, our MBRC playground project facilitator, is
meeting with a group of families in April to help plan the new playground. We will
announce the specific date in another newsletter. If anyone wishes to join them, please
let Brandyn know at

New Pickleball Courts. Our pickleball courts are receiving a complete overhaul. The
new courts should be ready for play by Memorial Day. The burgeoning pickleball club is
also working with staff to develop a new patio next to the courts for socializing. For more
information, please contact Laura Walter at

Fallen Trees in Kingsmill Pond. The Public Works Committee (PWC) is examining the
problem of fallen trees in Kingsmill Pond. Given the project’s cost and the divergence in
community sentiment about removing trees or not, we are obtaining community
feedback. Residents are invited to share their views on a request for comments
developed by the PWC and distributed on the March 14 Kingsmill Weekly News Update.
You can still comment until April 1. If you can’t locate the communication, email Mike
Harrod at

Glo Fiber. The company has submitted required engineering drawings to staff to show
the fiber line implementation in phases. Staff is reviewing the documents and will make
some announcements to the community. The project appears to be progressing well.
We are hoping to hold a Town Hall meeting in April. On a recent visit to Lake of the
Woods (Fredericksburg, VA) , I learned they were being serviced by Fiber Lync for fiber
optic installation. This company is charging homeowners $480 for a home connection.
Glo Fiber’s home connection in Kingsmill will be at no charge.

New Resort Fitness Center. I had a chance to tour the soon-to-be-open, state-of-theart
Kingsmill Fitness Center with one of the Escalante partners, Elcio Silva. The facility
is simply amazing. There are literally hundreds of pieces of new equipment. I have
never worked out in a gym with such beautiful views, especially of the James River.
Takes your stress level down to zero! The company has invested $8 million in this
beautiful facility. If you want more information on membership or a tour, contact one of
our own Sons of Kingsmill—Pelham Felder (757-570-7573). Pelham and his lovely wife
Jessica, and their two children, have lived in Kingsmill for over 5 years.

Gate Access Security. On March 19, as a result of dozens of residents commenting on
social media of suspected lax gate access security, KMPD notified the community and
started to strictly enforce the existing Kingsmill visitor access policy, i.e., “No
Authorization. No Entry,” which means no visitors allowed entry unless authorized by a
resident or the Resort. This caused temporary back-ups and delays for visitors,
including contractors. Resort guests were also subject to delays. The level of gate
access security has been an ongoing issue and debate for many years in Kingsmill. As
a gated community, we owe a duty to residents to enforce the access procedures to
enhance resident security. Residents can help by ensuring that their visitor and
contractor approval list is up-to-date with KMPD. Send information to

Compete KCSA Management Contract. One of our most important projects this year,
if approved by the BOD on March 28, will be to compete the KCSA management
contract, currently held by Associa/Community Group. This company has provided our
KCSA staff for the past six years. I don’t want to give anyone the impression we are
dissatisfied with the services of our current contract staff. As part of the board’s due
diligence and duty of care to association residents, we have a responsibility after six
years to “test the waters” and see if there are any other companies that might offer
competitive services and pricing, just as we do with our other major contracts (trash
pickup; landscaping). We will be reaching out to the community for feedback on
residents’ expectations for Association staff services.

In conclusion, let us all embrace the spirit of positivity and cooperation as we journey
together as one community to enhance Kingsmill. Thank you for your continued support
and participation in making Kingsmill a special place to live.

Thanks so much for reading. If you have any comments or ideas, drop me a line.
Ed Connors
KCSA President
Peace. Beauty. Home