Kingsmill Community
Uplighting Survey Results
Posted on Nov 11th, 2021

Uplighting Survey Results for Kingsmill
Environmental Preservation Board
The EPB thanks the Kingsmill community for a vigorous response to the recent uplighting survey. 724 residents responded and also provided 542 comments. The information helps the EPB and the KCSA Board of Directors develop new lighting policies for our neighborhoods.
The survey results support a comprehensive direction. There are enough proponents to justify allowing some level of uplighting but the majority want controls. The main controls suggested involve number of light fixtures, brightness, consideration for neighbors and an opportunity for neighbors to comment, use of timers, and more. These are all areas that will be addressed in the new EPB lighting policy.
The main survey results can be summarized below:
No controls on uplighting or minimal controls = 46%
No uplighting or moderate to extensive controls = 54%
While the results appear close, when you review the 542 comments, even many respondents who favor uplighting request that homeowners have standards and controls for lighting plans
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