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Community Comments on Final Proposed Deer Fencing Policy
Posted on Nov 3rd, 2023

KCSA is disseminating the below final proposed deer fencing policy for Kingsmill community comments. EPB has previously spent time researching this policy, requesting community comments in May, and drafting and refining versions of the proposed policy. Before the Board of Directors approves the policy, they want to provide the community a final opportunity to comment. The cutoff for comments is November 6, 2023.
Deer Fencing Policy
The Kingsmill community includes a deer population that causes concern because they feed on landscaping around our homes, causing significant damage to residents' yards. While the Association attempts to cull the deer population during state-permitted periods, it's challenging to do so in populated areas without jeopardizing residents’ safety. There is no safe and affordable way to reduce the deer population in greater numbers than our present approaches. As a result, the deer fencing policy will allow limited and temporary applications of deer fencing to protect young trees, shrubbery, and other landscaping in homeowners’ yards.
  • Deer fencing applications must adhere to the following requirements:
  • Deer fencing means materials placed closely around newly planted shrubs, trees, or other landscaping to prevent deer from damaging vegetation. This includes wrapping trunks of new trees.
  • All deer fencing applications must be approved by EPB prior to installation.
  • Deer fencing installations will be limited in front yards and allowed more in side and back yards.
  • Fencing must be temporary—approved for three years. Homeowners can reapply to EPB for an extension if needed.
  • Fencing and support poles must be a dark green, black, or other approved color.
  • Fence height must not exceed 5 feet.
  • Fence material must be netting or vinyl-coated metal wire with mesh design, supported by steel or wooden poles inserted into the ground. Other proposed materials will be decided by EPB on a case-by-case basis.
  • Total number of trees/shrubs fenced must be kept to a minimum.
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