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Updated Contractor Information
Posted on Apr 14th, 2023

Effective May 1, 2023, contractors must enter at the Route 60 Gate.
In an effort to alleviate some of the backup and congestion at the Route 199 Gate, KCSA and KMPD have been moving contractors to the Route 60 Gate. In the fall of 2022, most of the large landscaping companies were moved, and in December 2022, all landscapers and package delivery companies were also moved. Re-routing these contractors has been successful thus far, so the plan moving forward is to have all contractors use the Route 60 Gate.
KMPD has been notifying the contractors of this move since the middle of March 2023. In doing so, there has been some confusion on which contractors are being asked to make the move. Dog walkers, home health, food deliveries, realtors, ride share companies, and other smaller businesses not using commercial vehicles will be allowed through the Route 199 Gate. These types of business should be listed on your guest list with KCSA and KMPD. As with any guest, Kingsmill residents may “sponsor” a guest in obtaining a barcode. There is an annual fee of $25 for a resident-sponsored barcode, and it requires the resident’s signature on the application. Applications can be obtained in the KCSA Office during regular business hours.
Initially, this move to the Route 60 Gate may bring a longer wait time in the guest lane from what has been the norm. Contractor barcodes will allow the contractor to skip the wait by using the barcode lane. These barcodes will give access to contractors through the Route 60 Gate during contractor hours only. The barcodes will not be for use at the Route 199 Gate. Contractors must provide a copy of the current business license and the current vehicle registration, in addition to the annual $25 cost, in order to obtain the barcode. 
Please assist with this process by making sure that your guest list is up to date and includes smaller businesses that are used regularly. Some of these types of businesses are listed above. There will likely be some exceptions, and if there is a situation that is unique to you, please discuss it with Bruce Haring (KCSA) or Jim West (KMPD). Either individual can be reached by calling the KCSA Office at 757-645-3454.
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