Kingsmill Community
The File of Life is an emergency alert system consisting of a card that contains vital personal medical information that is kept on the outside of a resident’s refrigerator or in a vehicle in a bright red magnetic pocket. The card lists the patient’s emergency medical contacts, health problems, medications taken, allergies, recent surgeries and more. There may also be a door decal that may be placed on the outside door to notify arriving EMTs that a File of Life card is on the resident’s refrigerator or inside vehicle.
This life-saving program:
  • Saves critical time when every second counts in a medical emergency
  • Benefits first responders, hospital emergency staff and the PATIENT
  • Organizes your latest vital medical information – including allergies, medications, contact persons and more – all in one safe place
  • Is recognized and endorsed by the James City County Fire Department and EMTs, Kingsmill Police Department, hospitals and many more
File of Life Resources:
Emergency Contacts & Medical Information
File of Life Website
At your earliest convenience, please email the KCSA Good Neighbor Committee
at to receive your File of Life (FoL) material.
Invest a few minutes to save yours or a loved one’s life!!